Sunday, 12 September 2010

Educational Learning Strategies For My Kindergarten Class

It was September 2009 when I started with my job as a preschool education teacher for a kindergarten class consisting of children ranging in age from five to six year old. It was my first teaching job after graduating from my college course in 2008 and passing the state license exam in the same year. Although I already had a major in Early Childhood Education, I decided to learn more by doing research about different educational learning strategies or methods for preschool children.

In my research, I learned about several educational learning strategies, but there are two strategies that are recommended by preschool educators and experts for use in a preschool classroom.

It is fact that preschool children have a short attention span and within a span of a few hours, they could forget or not remember the things taught to them. Under the Repetition learning method, I would have to make some learning goals for the academic year and repeat them as often as I can. This method teaches that I have to explain repeatedly some things because they could be complicated or the children are unfamiliar with those things.

Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscle movements, especially the fingers, in coordination with the eyes. The Fine Motor Skills method says that preschool children are still developing their fine motor skills so that it is the teacher's duty to guide a child in developing his motor skills. I can do that by creating activities that encourage the children to use their eyes, hands, lips, toes, and tongue.

In my research, I also learned that an effective preschool teacher should not just rely on the educational learning strategies or methods that he learned in college and from the curriculum prescribed by the school where he is teaching. An effective teacher should continue to educate himself by learning about other learning strategies that could be applicable and relevant to use in his classroom.

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